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We provide high quality K9 search teams that are confidential, discreet, but most importantly, effective.

Our search dog teams are fully insured and are assessed by the industries leading bodies.
T&L Canine

Specialists in providing K9 solutions.

T&L Canine can provide teams for explosives, drugs, and general purpose dogs within the UK, along with an SIA approved handler.

Our current clients were developed through word of mouth within the high net worth community. We are responsible for the security of persons and property and we developed actions on for each individual and their needs and expectations. We employ either ex-military or home officer’s handlers and operatives. All of which will be fully qualified in the chosen skill set, they will also be qualified in First Aid and will have their own public liability insurance. The handlers are trained monthly within the company and all handlers will carry all their qualifications with them always.

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From search dog teams, to security and personal protection, T&L Canine can offer you the complete security package.


    Whether you need security measures for night clubs or concert venues, airports, amusement parks, or other important areas, our Search Teams are prepared for the job. All our dogs have passed through an intense training course where they have completed training searching in buildings, airports, aircraft and vehicles.

  • Explosive Search Dogs

    Our Explosive Search Teams can be used in a wide range of areas to neutralize the threat of an explosives based attack. Entry point checks, vehicle sweeps, and building searches can be performed as often as necessary to give you and your people the peace of mind necessary to perform their day to day duties without fear.


    Discreet and professional our patrol dog teams specialise in working with close protection and RST team’s and can be tailored to operate as high profile or discreet as the client’s requirements. With many years of experience protecting diplomatic and high net worth clients their families and assets.


Places of work include;

Schools & Colleges
Shopping Centres
Sporting Events
Entertainment events


We can provide;

Close Protection Operatives
K9 Handlers
Residential security team


Our Security teams are

All SIA badged
Continuously Trained
Friendly & Knowledgable


ISSEE and T&L Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive Continuation Training (CT-EDD) package which provides Explosives Detection Dogs (EDD) and their Handlers with the opportunity to enhance existing skills to detect Military, Commercial and Home-Made Explosives (HME).
In recent years the majority of IEDs deployed throughout UK and Europe have incorporated homemade energetic materials such as TATP in their construction both as initiators and main charges. For the first time, commercial Explosives Detection Dog Handlers will be able to train their dogs using live TATP and other homemade energetic compounds as well as work on bulk quantity of commercial and military grade explosives.
Licenced by NASDU, this training is delivered at ISSEE’s bespoke training centre in Oxfordshire and is available to all registered Explosives Detection Dog Handlers and employers.
"T&L Canine are extremely excited to be working in partnership with ISSEE to offer the EDD Teams working within the UK and Europe the opportunity to train on the HME's that form the current terrorist threat, our goal has always been to try and offer training that allows the teams to offer the best service to the public and clients they serve. This opportunity is unique in its nature and can only be beneficial in the fight against terror."
Leigh Mason, Director, T&L Canine.

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  • October 31st 2018
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